Charles L. Towle, B. Ed, SBStJ: Chief Training Officer

Charles Towle founded Hands On Safety Training in 1989 to meet the critical need for reliable, standardized, certifiable safety education in the oil and gas industry of Alberta. In that same year, the Petroleum Industry Training Service created the standardized format for hydrogen sulphide safety on sour gas well sites called H2S ALIVE! Because of his background for a number of years as a process operator, and after many years as a First Aid instructor for St. John Ambulance, Charles was immediately accepted into the train-the-trainer program for the brand new H2S ALIVE! course.

Charles has taught over twenty thousand students so far. He receives frequent and lengthy positive evaluations from both students and employers. He sets a very high standard for all of our instructors, and is the only one to hand-select instructors to train our students.

CarolJoy (CJ) Towle, B.A., B. Ed: Training Co-ordinator

CJ loves to help you get what you need to fit your safety training requirements. She prides herself on being able to either get you into one of our courses or to refer you to a competitor who might be able to help you. She has cultivated positive relationships with other safety training companies in Calgary and tries to stay current with their schedules.

CJ also instructs a few hours a week in the Energy Department at SAIT, both in the Petroleum Land Administration and in the Oil & Gas Production and Accounting programs. If you are unable to reach her immediately by email or phone, she is likely teaching a class!